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Sump pump and Back Valve Installation

Sump pumps are mechanical devices responsible for groundwater removal in basements. As your best defensive against basement flooding, sump pumps help maintain the value of your home by protecting against costly water damage. Need help installing a sump pump. Contact us for a quote at 604-219-5555.Sump Pump Installation

In plumbing systems, fluids move in one direction from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. Municipal water distributors send clean water at high pressure. Open faucets at homes and offices produce low-pressure release. This establishes the flow of water in one direction from municipal water sources to local buildings. Heavy demands on main water supplies may create pressure imbalances that reverse the flow of water. The term "backflow" describes the reversal of water direction. If a faucet is connected to a contaminating source, harmful particles can backflow into the fresh water supply. Backflow preventers are used to prevent water contamination.

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